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Medford, Oregon 1 comment
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Purchased Home Elegance bedroom set, but the drawer hardware keeps breaking.They take no responsibility for the garbage they put on their furniture.

You have to order new parts from Kenlin who supplied the hardware, but it will keep breaking. So my furniture is for display only, can't use the drawers, they fall out without hardware. What a racket! So mad.

It is not in any way unreasonable to assume if you buy dressers that the drawers will work under normal circumstances. I tried to remove one piece of plastic so I could find it on the internet and it broke while unscrewing. I think Kenlin must be making more money on reselling this junk and maybe giving Home elegance and kick back. What suckers we are!

Furniture should withstand normal wear and tear and drawers should not break after minimal usage.JUNK

Review about: Bedroom Set.



We do not sell bedroom sets...this review is not for our company. Sorry they had an issue, but it was with another seller.

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